Selecting the right footware is crucial for avoiding injury...

Different sports activities require different movements and positions of the feet. The structure of the foot and any abnormalities, (such as over pronation) should be considered in choosing a sports shoe. An evaluation by a podiatrist can determine if there are any problems that need to be considered in choosing footwear.

Listed below are the recommendations made by Tread Right Podiatry in regards to specific sports. If you have any questions feel free to contact us


Currently there are many, many choices in footwear when it comes to jogging and running. Each shoe company has poured millions of dollars into research and development in the hope you will purchase their product. The key is not choosing a shoe that your favourite athlete wears but one that fits your foot and is specific to your activity. If you are only walking or light jogging than a high end jogger is probably not required, something like low level Nike air shoe could suffice. However, if you are a tri-athlete or serious runner, than perhaps the Asics gel kayano may be what you need. If you are a serious about injury prevention you should always have your shoes fitted by trained staff.


Basketball shoes go through a range of changes every couple of years. In the 80’s and early 90’s it was all about the high cut boots. Designed to reduce ankle injuries and support the foot in the side to side/pivoting movements. Lately, mainly thanks to Kobe Bryant, basketball shoes are getting lower and lighter. Reebok and Nikes 2012/13 range are designed to be lighter and lower cut. These changes are due to recent studies showing that higher boots don’t necessarily reduce ankle injuries and being lighter, well, that speaks for itself. Basketball boots are basically all the same, except with a different athlete sponsorship, so choose the boot that fits best. The exception is Reebok, who have decided to add some of their running shoe technology into their basketball boots using their ZIGTECH sole.


Footwear in the office is always a point of ‘discussion’ in my clinics. Office rules prevent certain footwear and nobody wants to wear walking shoes with a skirt or suit. For men it is fairly easy to get a comfortable, good looking, well performing shoe for office work. For ladies, well my sympathies. As this is the shoe that you will be spending the majority of your time in, it is important, more than anything, that it is comfortable and fits correctly. Just because it cost you $400 does not make it a good shoe or more correctly, the best shoe for you. If your job requires lots of walking, than Ascent have a range of office footwear with jogger technology. The premise is to supply you with all day comfort with some corporate style. If your job is behind a desk, than ultimately it doesn’t matter what shoe you wear, however, remember if it is too tight regardless whether you are walking or not it will cause problems (such as corns or metatarsalgia) to occur.


In all these sports fitting is very important. The boot will not make you go faster, kick harder or jump higher than you naturally can. What the boot should allow you to do is to perform at your peak without adding injuries to your stat list.

AFL/Rugby – As these sports don’t require the fine touch of soccer boots are generally brooder and deeper with the top range boots have midsoles (approximately 1cm of cushioning between the foot and the stud/clet). Asics gel lethal is a great performing boot, basically a jogger with studs/clets. The Nike total 90 is also another great boot, deep, comfortable, well designed and made. The Australian brand X-blades is fast developing great boots. This company patented the clet/blade alignment over traditional stud configuration allowing better direction change and injury reduction at the same time.


As soccer requires a finer touch than other football does, these boots have more design features, are generally much lighter and fit more snug to the foot. As with all shoes they should not cause you pain to wear, but rather compliment your foot and running pattern. Boots with off centred lacing is becoming more popular as it results in less pressure on the foot when kicking the ball. This in turn allows a better feel off wear the ball is on the foot and where you have struck the ball. All other features of soccer boots are identical to AFL/Rugby boots and are designed to allow maximum grip whilst reducing pressure on the lower limb. The Nike total 90 range or the Asics predator series are great performing shoes at all levels of pricing.