Does your workplace or sports club experience problems with injuries?

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Injuries and leg-related issues are an unwelcome part of everyday life. Not only can injuries have a major impact on the cohesiveness of an institution; but the lives of men, women, and children can be drastically affected by a workplace injury, or a weekend sports meet. One of the greatest ways we can assist you is via educating your workplace or sports club. By experiencing one of our talks, you'll be better equipped for injuries (when they occur) - and how such incidents can be avoided. We work closely with major footwear representatives insuring the information is up to date and relevant.

What can Treadright Podiatry seminars offer you?

Drawing on their experiences, Tread Right has found that the best way to provide people with professional assistance is by education - through discussing workplace and sports related injuries.

Business Footwear Planning

What's the best and safest footwear when it comes to mandatory OH&S requirements?

Workplace Injuries

What they are, how they affect you, and how to avoid them. Specific to your workplace or sporting environment.

Avoiding Injuries

Education for sports clubs on proper performance technique, taping, stretching, cooling down, footwear or safe work practices for your business.

Growing Pains

Some insight into injuries experiences by kids at schools and in sports - and how to prevent them.

Sports Clubs Info

Some helpful discussions on footwear, injury procedure, and how to best protect your club members from serious injury.

Topics We Can Discuss

  • Footwear Policies
  • Injuries: What Next?
  • Picking the right Footwear
  • Current footwear trends
  • Sports Shoes: picking the best shoe for your activity
  • Sports Injury Prevention
  • Looking after your footwear
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